Mass & Toxic Torts

Beginning with the nation’s very first asbestos case, tried in 1969 in Beaumont, the Southeast Texas area has remained on the cutting edge of toxic tort litigation. SB&L’s roots extend all the way back to that first asbestos lawsuit.  The firm’s attorneys collectively have decades of experience in defending toxic tort claims and have actively participated in numerous precedent-setting cases.  SB&L is a recognized leader in defense efforts with the proven ability to take the forefront in complex multiparty toxic tort and latent disease actions.  The firm defends personal injury and wrongful death claims alleging exposure to asbestos, silica, welding fumes, radiation, formaldehyde, benzene, diacetyl (“popcorn lung”), ceramics, heavy metals (e.g. lead, cobalt, nickel), solvents, paints, insecticides, herbicides, excessive noise levels, and other industrial hazards. SB&L has represented, and continues to represent, all classes of defendants in toxic tort/latent disease cases, including: product manufacturers, safety equipment manufacturers, construction companies, distributors/retailers, and property owners.